Young girls are taking over the skateboard world and apparel brands are noticing it

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Young girls are taking over the skateboard world and apparel brands are noticing it

Message par henryblack » 11 oct. 2018, 09:42

Girls have always been participating in this sport, but presently the world of skateboarding is noticing them.

Girls are becoming famous in skateboarding and showing the folks that they also have got all the abilities to contend in the remarkably aggressive skating world and expert competitors like Elissa Steamer and Cara-Beth Burnside should be thanked for playing a major role in it. Merchants are now giving more consideration to girls’ abilities and capacity on both beginner and expert levels including All Girl Skate Jam, X-Games, Gravity Games and Vans Triple Crown Series. See more list best skateboard for beginners, for girls and for kids

A senior buyer of the East Coast chain blades, Board & Skate, Evan Josloff says, “Skateboarding has brought immense change in different areas, apparently, has influenced on women’s market in apparel. All the skateboard brands now have both men’s and women.”

Volcom, Stussy, Triple 5 Soul and Hurley are the core skating brands which are a part of Blades, Board & Skate. They have gotten functional and similar items, for example, baby t-shirts, sweatshirts and nylon capris at their stores.

As indicated by Josloff, the push toward legitimate young lady skate attire brands have been a lethargic procedure. Skate marks that had been essentially in the young men’s business are creating augmentations of their brands for young ladies, while few brands beginning first with women's. He says, “Men’s skate brands are not completely supportive of women’s apparel yet because it requires an investment, and there are chances that they will not be able to generate revenue immediately.” This is because fewer girls are taking part in this sport. According to the Skateboarding professionals and experts, there are hardly 1.5 million girls who are engaging in Skateboarding, while the annual expenditure power is $12 billion.


The managing partner of Board-Trac, which is an amalgamated market research brand, Marie Case, researched and studies board sports like skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding for the previous three years. She says, “I anticipate that a progress will be made and world will see more women participating in skateboarding. This sport was generally for boys only, 10 – 15 years ago. Now, girls are taking part in this sport passionately and are not frightened of any hurdle in their way. “ Here is the list best skateboard brands we launched, it will help you choose better

Perri Morgan who is a beginner skateboarder also agreed with Marie. She says, “By the passage of time, we will clearly see a progress in this trend and more girls will participate in skateboarding. Once you show the guys that what tricks you can do, they will respect you and it doesn’t require strength from the upper body.” She lives in Arlington, Va., and she began skateboarding four years ago from her own locality of Washington, D.C. 5 Boro, a skateboard company which sells hard and soft good and Washington skateboard shop East Coast Board Co. are sponsoring her currently.

Talking about apparel, she says, “While skating, I always wish to wear shirts that fit. What guys are wearing is not a necessity.” She adds, “I prefer my comfort, function and then fashion. A girl is not able to skate easily in tight jeans. Oversized jeans are a component of function plus girls have various body types.”


Santa Ana, Calif.-based Split launched its women brand two years ago. Jessica Langley is their designer and she said, “We’re pursuing the girlfriend skater who doesn’t like to wear her beau’s clothes. That girl is vigilant about her image and strictly follows fashion.”

Athletic and fashion are two parts of the line. This line is conveyed in surf and skate market, and chains, for example, Vista, Calif.-based Beyond the Beach and Pacific Sunwear of California. Generally, price for t-shirts are from $8 to $75 and more for the leather jackets.

Elska Sandor and Catherine Lyons are skateboarders with a market background who launched a brand, Rookie Skateboards, in 1996. This brand targets the core skateboarders. Both owners are now in their mid-20s.

The Rookie girls have made it understandable that before being a woman they are skateboarders. She says, “Our brand provides streetwear rather than being girlie. Most people think that girls who participate in this sport are tomboys but in fact there are many girls who wear skirts. We attempt to include a slim oversized fit and demonstrate the lifestyle of skateboarding.”

Sandor has worked at a skate shop named Swish which is based in New York. She said, “We got clinched as a young girl’s brand because we were the ones who started this organization, however, we consider both. We do similar illustrations and have comparative looks and focus on fit." Find more information about best skateboard at
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