problème nouvel onglet

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problème nouvel onglet

Message par firosiro » 13 sept. 2017, 11:51

I have to admit I was nervous. I was standing in the front of this "Chilkoot Trailhead" hint for 15 minutes and that I had not taken one measure.
I'd put in my bug spray and sunscreen, along with my back pack had all I'd need for your five-day increase: a tent, sleeping bag, water, food, and warm clothing.
- ... or-Camping

I had been afraid of bears. That is what kept me from walking the trail. I had been in Alaska, home to the grizzly bear, although I'd improved through nation back home in Colorado.

Luckily, a friendly bunch came and asked me to take their image. We walked on the trail and soon began talking. I had been relieved. If they listen to the sound of voices bears run away. Carol and Ron have been from Alaska and they instructed me the way to remain safe. We'd hike for another 3 days.


After the Gold Rush

I'd finally started my hike across the famous Chilkoot Trail, at which over 115 decades back, thousands of gold miners had walked. I wrote a novel about the Klondike gold rush, and that I wished to follow to understand what it was like. I needed to increase this route myself to complete my novel.

As Ron, Carol, and I walked through the woods, we handed reddish berries, large green leaves, and clear streams. While I looked around in the scenery, I landed on the side of my foot tripped over a tree origin, and crashed down beneath the weight of my back pack. My ankle swelled up. Soaking it helped the swelling go down a bit. When we arrived in our campground, we cooked dinner and pitched our tents.
Luckily, my ankle felt better in the afternoon. Ron, Carol, and I followed the road through sand, across bridges, and up steep hillsides. We went to bed since the day are all's hike.

At sunrise, we began hiking up the steep, green valley. Icy glaciers were perched on the hills above. We may see just 20 feet and had been as high. We followed them over flows, through snowfields and squinted to discover the trail markers, and upward bigboulders. We handed tin cans, and shovels, teakettles that the miners should have discovered too heavy to take.
- ... ave-stenie

Eventually, we reached the very top of the Chilkoot Pass and watched that a Canadian flag flapping from the heavy breeze. Eat lunch and we stepped to heat up. For the remainder of the afternoon, we walked into a barren moonscape. We pitched our tents and arrived at our campground.
Penalizing Lake Bennett

The next morning was glowing, my ankle had been feeling good, and my fear of bears had largely vanished. I walked to the next two days and said into Ron and Carol. Without visiting the trip to any bears, I came at Lake Bennett.


Alongside Lake Bennett was a little train station with a restaurant. I liked apple pie, fresh bread, and stew. I checked into my hotel and snapped down the train that was old to the city of Skagway.

When relaxing at my bed, I thought of the miners in the Klondike gold rush. After five days, I managed to eat a meal that is great, have a shower, and unwind in a bed that is cozy. But they needed to cut trees down, watched them build ships, and traveling 500 miles down lakes and rivers, whenever the miners reached Lake Bennett. When they reached the goldfields, they needed to begin digging.

The majority of the miners never seen much gold, but they all had experiences they'd never forget. Now did I.( ... d-I-Get%3F)

David Meissner wrote this article while researching his novel Call of the Klondike: A real Gold Rush Adventure game.
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Re: problème nouvel onglet

Message par Cucurbitacé » 14 sept. 2017, 00:54

Bonjour firosiro,

Utilisez-vous un produit Norton ?
Si: oui, allez dans les options de ce dernier.

Si : non, venez voir par ici >>> viewtopic.php?f=5&t=114278 <<<

Bien à vous.


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