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Avec la sortie prochaine d'un OS Mobile basé sur Gecko (Firefox OS) et la création d'un marketplace ouvert pour Firefox utilisant HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, la création d'applications web visant des centaines de millions d'utilisateurs est désormais ouverte à tous.
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MvdStumbler app

Message par caméléon » 01 sept. 2014, 22:41

La liste de discussion indique qu'une version de test de l'application de scan des points d'accès wifi et mobile est disponible sur Firefox OS (elle est depuis plusieurs mois dispo sur android).

Je recopie complétement l'annonce (en anglais). Ceux qui voudront y contribuer seront les bienvenus:
Hey stumblers,

Those of you with a Firefox OS device and willing to risk the bleeding edge can try out a new stumbling app.

The fourth pre-release of MvdStumbler can be found on: ... mbler.html

This is a pre-release because it has not had other users and has only been tested on one device (the "Alcatel" branded One Touch fire, code name 'hamachi') with one version of the operating system (v 1.2). It probably has fragile edges, may crash, may consume all the memory, seems to slow down in the fourth hour of use, and generally does not have the polish of a finished application. Stopping and restarting occasionally may be needed. However, I have been stumbling Montevideo, Uruguay with it for the last few months and have uploaded over a hundred thousand observations so it does work. Hopefully, it can work for some others of you as well.

If you have strong privacy concerns, this app is not for you. There is no 'fencing' yet so if you don't want to record your position you have to stop the recording yourself. Also, the observation data are stored in the open on the /sdcard partition where any other app can read them.

The app logs observations to memory then, every two hundred observations or so, writes them to the /sdcard/ partition. On newer devices that's not the external card which is an issue. The observations can be uploaded when written to the card or at the end of stumbling session when back on a less costly internet connection.

The Map needs work. The current background is a bit of a joke. It does not show you where you are currently. If you re-open the app, it does not parse the observations to show you where they were. That's all work in progress although the first issue is hard. The general problem of getting good, high resolution background map data onto Firefox devices remains open.

Anyhow, some you you may want to play with this.

Happy stumblin',
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